Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New place , new life

Oh you would think , i guess when you move to a new place you have the feeling that things wont be the same as they were in your old place that you left , the reason i suppose is because we expected ,we look for it , we wanted to be better and exciting , if it doesn't happen in a while , then you might get a little deppress  , and begin to think that it won't be better , once you settle in and begin the rutine of dayly living you might be incline to think  that it won't happen , but i think thats when we go wrong , it will be better , only when its time , and only if we keep looking  and expecting  it  to happen , cause if you give up too early ,it might pass you by and you would't even know it

Monday, October 12, 2009

MY Buenos Aires trip 2009

This was an unexpected trip to see my bro and visit my country Argentina , were a haven't gone to in 33 years ,,,,a long time , i went because my  mom could not go  so I went insted , it was a Great experience